The future of mobility
The future of mobility
  • Client: AGP
  • Scope: Motion, Design, Technology

A new visual identity to position AGP as disruptors in the industry


AGP manufacture bespoke technologies for the production of vehicle glass; from safety and defense, through to high tech eGlass.

Powered by their rich heritage and extensive experience in the field, AGP is agile and entrepreneurial to the core, with a drive to constantly push the boundaries of innovation.

Our challenge was to help the company stand out from other brands, with a voice and visual identity that captured the company’s vision and approach. Building on their past success, it was time for the AGP brand to reflect their future vision.


The AGP plant is a technology hub set in a clean and modern space – fitting for such a design-focused, forward thinking company.

The new branding needed to combine the stylish AGP spaces with the company’s direction and values. Using a fresh, bold and modern tone of voice, we felt we could solidify AGP’s position as challenge takers and enablers of the future of mobility.

A whole host of assets were created to announce the new brand, all centred on the carefully crafted logo and brand guidelines, including a brand video and landing page.


A bank of 3D renders were created to visually enhance the brand video, inspired by the glass desk found in the AGP plant foyer.


The collection of material developed for the AGP rebrand was met with great positivity from our client and stakeholders alike, with excitement on seeing the company’s new direction. Uber Digital successfully enabled AGP to begin its journey of presenting the brand as a modern, progressive and disruptive force in the industry.

  • CGI / Animation
  • Art direction
  • UX/UI Design
  • Websites
  • Digital branding
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