Discover BP
Discover BP
  • Client: BP
  • Scope: Motion, Design, Technology

BP employee orientation platform


The first three months of a new job has a big impact on new employees and it’s crucial they feel comfortable and integrate within the company culture. As a world leader, operating in over 70 countries and 74,000 employees, BP needed a global solution that ensured all employees were integrated and felt comfortable within their role.

Our challenge was to create an easy-to-use platform that provided vital onboarding information for new team members all around the world, guiding them through the induction process and throughout the rest of their careers.


Our goal was to provide a simple and accessible tool for people from a wide range of backgrounds and roles, while also driving continuous engagement.

To reach our goal, the initial focus was to make the user journey clear and intuitive, ensuring users got the information they needed as easily as possible. Through user testing we defined the optimal navigation, content structure and interaction.


An interactive checklist provided the new employee with an easy and intuitive experience, ensuring they had completed all of the functional tasks required, while also integrating with their new team. Accompanied by educational content about BP, the employee also developed an in-depth understanding of BP and how their role is an important part of the company.


The entire platform is a system of flexible, fully responsive modules that can be combined depending on the needs of every section. Each component works with a different type of content and was designed to keep a consistent look and feel and functionality.


We also created a promotional video, that presents Discover BP to its new users in a playful and graphical way. It intends to demonstrate how useful and handy the platform is and that is accessible to everyone from any device.


We developed a tool not for, but with BP, taking into consideration all their requirements, and different rounds of feedback from real team members. That allowed us to make something functional, but still attractive to the users. And what’s more important, a hub of information you can rely on, not only content-wise but also usability wise.

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