Innovation lab
Innovation lab
  • Client: Eastman
  • Scope: Motion, Design, Technology

Helping an industrial chemical giant increase brand presence through collaboration


Eastman wanted to find new ways to expand their reach with decision-makers within product manufacturers to help push the boundaries of product design. After identifying that the main purchase influencers are product designers - there was an opportunity for Eastman to engage the design and brand community directly and collaborate with them. 


We created the ‘Eastman Innovation Lab’, a strategic program that focuses on advancing innovation through design and education. The website is a community resource that inspires new possibilities by pairing our experts in material science with leaders in industrial design and architecture.


We developed a unique visual language for Eastmans materials, going beyond traditional literal techniques and visual clichés.

The shape system, made of primitive 3D objects, Eastman materials and a bespoke colour palette, guides the user through the themes and identify the material categories in all the sections of the site.


The website was built on the Uber CMS, Cofoundry, allowing the Eastman marketing team to easily manage the site while also being able to add new content without the need for additional development. 

In addition to the website, we also produced a vast number of the content, from thought leadership videos, photography, CGI animations to material testing videos, helping users to visualise materials, products and gain insights from industry experts in a simple yet highly engaging manner.


The site has enabled Eastman to actively collaborate with designers and work to ensure that their materials and technology portfolio supports the future needs of the market.

The Eastman Innovation Lab team values this website as an invaluable tool that celebrates design, while educating the community about materials and processes.

  • Storyboarding
  • UX/UI Design
  • Websites
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