Cleaner living
Cleaner living
  • Client: Lixivia
  • Scope: Motion

Introducing Lixivia’s revolutionary SELEX technology


Lixivia's SELEX technology is a pioneering method of extracting valuable materials from the by-products of mining, using safe and eco-friendly chemicals. This advancement reduces emissions and mining burdens, making use of the large stockpiles of mineral tailings and waste products.

Our challenge was to bring this fascinating technical process to life as an animation, and communicate it in a way that would resonate with a broad spectrum of target audiences.


An island environment was conceived to capture the full Lixivia story. Opening on an industrial landfill scene and transitioning to a brighter, more colourful picture, we set out to distinctly portray the multiple benefits of the SELEX process. A bold low-poly style was selected to fulfill the brief’s ask to convey the business proposition in an approachable and engaging manner.

Style frames and concept drawings were created to set the mood and tone of the film.

Concept (cont)

After identifying the key stages of the process, we began sculpting the island and creating stylised renditions of the various feedstocks. These were used to develop the animatics before applying the final render style.


We delivered a visually striking story, depicting an otherwise complicated chemical process simply, but effectively. It became a great debut piece for our client to educate the masses and one of our most memorable projects to date.

  • CGI / Animation
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