Saudi Aramco
  • Client: Saudi Aramco
  • Scope: Motion

Educational 3D welcome video for Saudi Aramco’s new Energy Centre


Saudi Aramco approached Uber Digital to create a cinematic 3D stereoscopic animation for welcoming visitors at the new Energy centre.

Our challenge was to not only explain the history of Saudi Aramco but also bring the story of “Energy” to life, ensuring the audience was engaged from beginning to end and give insight to some of the key exhibits.

The video needed to be both scientifically and historically accurate, give empathy, communicate an engaging story, educate, and inspire young audiences aged between 7-14, whilst equally appealing to adults.


From the start of the project, we knew the storyline would be key. We worked alongside scientists and academics to ensure the information about energy in the script was accurate and comprehensible to a young audience. The video covered complex topics, from explaining what energy is, the different types, the history of Saudi Aramco and how capturing energy will change in the future.

We decided to take the audience through an epic visual story, from the molecular beginnings of energy, following it’s journey on how it can be harnessed and used for our everyday lives. We began this process by creating scientifically accurate concept art for each key scene.


We worked alongside a composer and sound engineers to create a cinematic score and sound design to enhance the overall audio/visual experience of the video. Recording both in Dolby 7.1 and Stereo 2.0 mix including an English and Arabic voiceover.

The final video was produced in 3D stereoscopic which can be viewed using 3D glasses at the exhibition as well as a 2D version.


The final result was a 7 minute, fully CGI video, that continues to delight, educate, entertain and prepare the audience for the exhibits.

  • CGI / Animation
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