Rebel spirit
Se Busca
Rebel spirit
  • Client: Se Busca
  • Scope: Motion

Launching a premium Mezcal brand with a ‘rebel spirit’


Se Busca is a brand new, premium Mezcal, made using 100% agave and a traditional 200-year-old process from a small town in Oaxaca, Mexico. Our task was to bring the key visual to life and tell the inspirational story of the heroic women who fought for a better and safer Mexico during the Mexican revolution, earning the title of Se Busca.


Starting the story over 100 years ago, we told the story of the Adelitas during the Mexican revolution, transitioning into the process and craft before finishing on the tasting notes of Se Busca Mezcal.


The final animation was mixed with a “Tarantino” inspired track and SFX to truly represent the rebel spirit of the women that inspired this premium Mezcal.

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