Buzzard and Altroz
Tata Motors
Buzzard and Altroz
  • Client: Tata Motors
  • Scope: Motion

Bringing the family together


TATA motors unveiled 4 global premiers at the Geneva Motor Show 2019 that included the Buzzard SUV (the Harrier’s larger sibling) the Altroz premium hatchback, the Altroz electric vehicle with a 300KM range per charge and the H2X small SUV at the Geneva Motor Show. 

Our task was to create a story that would showcase the vehicle’s design and functionality, targeted at two very different audiences and highlighting how they played a key role in their lifestyles. Due to the cars not being available in a physical form up until their final unveiling at the show, a mixture of live-action footage with all the vehicles visualised in CGI form was required. 


Our concept was to mirror two very separate lifestyles by showing activities and movements that visually sync with one another.
The audience is presented with a parallel journey between a family sized 7 seater and a small city car. Through bite-sized lifestyle moments, from their homes, leisure activities to a visual grand finale when the two lives and scenes seamlessly combine together.    


As both cars were still in development and not available until the motor shows, the lifestyle and backplates were filmed with reference vehicles and replaced in post-production. 

Filmed over 5 days with numerous tracking vehicles, actors, extras, locations ranging from the modern backdrop of London to the picturesque country roads of Surrey.

Along with producing, styling and staging all the lifestyle activities, we also used the vehicle engineering data provided by Tata, remodelled, retextured, tracked the live footage, captured on-location HDR stills, 360 environmental road footage, lit and rendered all the final reference vehicles with the new propositions. 


Working around the clock with just eight weeks from shoot to delivery, including working through the Christmas holidays, not only have we managed to deliver an outstanding film for the Geneva motorshow, but due to the nature of the split screen concept, the film can also be split into two halves to communicate the vehicles as stand-alones pieces.


  • CGI / Animation
  • Filming
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