Future you
Future you
  • Client: Zurich
  • Scope: Design, Technology

Useful tools to help people visualise their financial future


Zurich operates across the world, offering a range of products that help people take care of their financial world. Our main challenge was to provide their customers with simple, accessible tools and content to help them visualize what are the best financial options for their future.


‘Future You’ is a flexible and friendly set of tools and pages which main goal is to help people discover their financial profile and make the right choices for their and their families future.

We worked closely with the Zurich team, to represent the brand under a different and fresh approach, combining lifestyle imagery with animated illustrations and icons made in-house. Our main intention was to make the product as easy, playful and attractive to use as possible. Taking into consideration that most of their clients have limited financial knowledge, and they need help to digest information sometimes complex and abstract.

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 15.07.13

Every aspect of Future You was designed with the user in mind. Making focus on keeping the clients attention up, through informative pages with lifestyle articles, interactive questionnaires, and visually-rich financial calculators.

We created a modular, responsive and easy-to-use UI Library to help the client articulate and create new content pages while keeping consistency and coherence across the whole site.


We also delivered a series of animated videos describing each product in a simple and clear way. These videos were featured across the website in several internal pages.


Future You is a platform that allowed Zurich to establish a closer relationship to their existing and new customers. 

Representing abstract financial concepts with creative illustration metaphors and visual tools probed to be an effective communicative strategy.

  • UX/UI Design
  • Websites
  • Interactive websites
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